I am on a mission to help humanity!

When I was 18 my life went downhill. Chronic fatigue, Psoriasis, Allergies, Vasculites and a myriad of conditions made life unbearable for me.

Doctors were of no help. Medications could only relive symptoms for days and then come back stronger than ever.

My solution? I spent years researching everything. I have read articles, watch movies, studied biochemistry. I have bought and read books, I have researched ancient healing techniques, I have started to learn biology and bio-medicine. I changed my life completely just for the sake of healing. but I GOT THERE.

It can be done!

Let me help you fix your body. Together we will make your immune system stronger than you ever knew.

Skype Counseling (30€)

  • Client emails me with what they want to work on or what they have questions about. During the call, I present ideas to address the client’s problems, and answers any other questions that client has that may come up during the conversation. All content is personalized for each individual.

Direct Counseling (150€)

  • Initial Skype consultation to give all details and explain lifestyle.
  • Unlimited email correspondence (as required).
  • Periodic follow-up phone calls (as required).
  • Customized food lists and workout plans, depending on needs of client.
  • Access to all content released.
  • Personalized approach for each individual.

Experienced with:

  • Allergies, Eczemas and skin issues;
  • Autoimmune conditions;
  • Overcoming digestive diseases and ongoing digestive problems such as colitis, Crohn’s and IBS;
  • Intelligent and sustainable Weight Loss;
  • Becoming stronger, fitter and more physically resilient;
  • Boost your immune system to high standards;
  • Dealing with type two diabetes and other blood sugar regulation issues;
  • Overcoming and dealing with chronic diseases and symptoms;
  • Implementing and tweaking a plant based healthy lifestyle;
  • Helping you address stubborn health problems;
  • Making smarter choices regarding eating  and dealing with your condition;
  • Dealing with yeast infections;
  • Overcoming almost any kind of symptom.