My Story

When I was a child I was always sick. It started when i was a little baby, I had belly pains all the time. My mother remembers I usually cried a lot because of belly pain and gas.

Time went on…
From the the age of 5 to about 14, every two weeks I was going to the hospital with breathing problems. I had flues, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, scarlet fever, chicken pox, faringites, laryngitis, you name it. I had almost every “common disease”.

I ended up removing adenoids.  I was living in a forest and later I found out I was allergic to grasses, Parietaria officinallis and dust mites. This went on from when I was a small child until adolescence.

From when I was adolescent until 18 yo I was sick at times, but not as much as when I was a child. I would get sick like every 3 months with a flu or something like that. I could eat everything and I was inclined to think that “bad food” would not kill me. I was a little chubby of course, but after all I was eating all the junk food you can think of: pork, crappy breakfast cereals, fatty milk, all kind of sugars and processed foods. I never had much energy, but that was the world as I knew it. I always ended up with some belly discomfort or general pains and problems in my body.

From the age of 18 the negative spiral of problems started. Sometimes I would sit on the computer playing and get a little warm and anxious and start sweating out of nowhere. During the night my belly would make a lot of noises and some times I would wake up all sweat without apparent reason and needed to change pijamas. I developed some fungus on my ears and took anti-fungal treatment for it. I had panic attacks and I was always with some kind of symptom. I remember that once I measure my heart rate while resting at home and i was 120 bpm.

Slowly I started developing all kind of problems. I was depressed all the time. I remember suffering from transient, hard to describe disorientating episodes/spells, loss of concentration or focus and low energy. I developed a lot of autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis, escleroderma, vasculties, and massive allergies to everything.

How did I heal?

Healing is not what you think. You cannot expect healing from making a single change in your diet or lifestyle. You need to endorse a holistic approach to see results. After years of researching and experimenting I developed my own natural strategies.


People will tell you you need to go vegan.

People will tell you you need to go high fat or zero carb.

People will tell you you need to simply move your lymph.

People will tell you you have candida and need to implement anti candida diet. 

People will tell you to implement alkaline diet…

And you will think you need more nutrients…

Some will say you have heavy metal intoxication… almost certainly not.

Most of these wont work if wrongly implemented.

All of these approaches can make sense or not based on your body and actual state all are tools for recovery when implemented at correct times. There is just one way to heal… And that way is to mastering an art: Healing.

Let me be your master and you will find the joy of life again.

Before Program

After Program