Are you interested in taking your life to a whole new level but need some assistance in getting there?


    • Overcoming digestive diseases and ongoing digestive problems such as colitis, Crohn’s and IBS;
    • Intelligent and sustainable Weight Loss;
    • Becoming stronger, fitter and more physically resilient;
    • Boost your immune system to high standards;
    • Dealing with type two diabetes and other blood sugar regulation issues;
    • Overcoming and dealing with chronic diseases and symptoms;
    • Implementing and tweaking a plant based healthy lifestyle;
    • Helping you address stubborn health problems;
    • Making smarter choices regarding eating  and dealing with your condition;
    • Dealing with yeast infections;
    • Overcoming almost any kind of symptom.

Autoimmune Counseling Protocol (49€) – Coming soon

  • A pdf file containing all details for addressing autoimmune conditions.


One Month Counseling (199€)

  • Initial Skype consultation to give all details and explain lifestyle.
  • Unlimited email correspondence (as required).
  • Periodic follow-up phone calls (as required).
  • Customized food lists and workout plans, depending on needs of client.
  • Access to all content released.
  • Personalized approach for each individual.


Half an hour Skype Counseling (39€)

  • Client emails me with what they want to work on or what they have questions about. During the call, I present ideas to address the client’s problems, and answers any other questions that client has that may come up during the conversation. All content is personalized for each individual.