About me


Hello. My name is Igor Cruz. I’m passionate about helping others meet their goals, doing the things that keep me happy, having an energetic and healthy body, focusing on my path, and generally always improving my life. Professionally I am a mix of biomedical researcher and computer scientist, but now I’m more focused on making my living helping people recover their health and become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

I love helping others overcome the health and emotional problems I once suffered from, and I created Autoimmunecounseling.com a website to help you thrive in every single aspect of your lifestyle.




Why My Story Might Interest You:

  • I have tried every single diet there is. I know its benefits and its malfunctions regarding health benefits and weight loss;
  • I know how to lose and gain weight as well as how to lose and gain muscle. Through diet, lifestyle, emotional and nutritional experiments I was able to learn what is more important to shred pounds of and keep them away.
  • I have suffered from almost every kind of disease. I was diagnosed with IBS which could be IBD but antibody levels were inconclusive, Asthma, Rhinitis, Celiac Disease, Allergies, Vasculites, Eczema, Psoriasis, Raynaud’s syndrome, and so on. Hard to believe? Yes, but it was exactly what happened. The disease made life unbearable, but I was able to revert almost every difficulty I faced in life;
  • Along these diagnoses I also had a lot of symptoms such as depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, food intolerances, memory problems, hormonal problems, weakness and fatigue, irritability, skin eruptions, joint pains, constipation, and so on.
  • In my program, diet is important and the main tool, but which food to eat is not the most important thing. You need to learn how to eat and improve every other aspects of your life;
  • I went from hating exercise to loving it. When I was a kid I hated physical education, but today I spend most of my free time in the gym or running around the city;
  • When I was a kid I was sick every month, now I haven’t had a flue in 3 years.
  • Many of these problems can bring and sense of depression and discomfort, I can understand your metal and emotional aspects and provide a safe haven.

How I Can Help You

The world often attempts to solve its problems in an incredibly myopic way focusing on something and forgetting everything around.

If a person is overweight his fix often centers around starving himself. If an individual is sad or their life is passionless, he assumes the need to rehash his problems again and again in front of a therapist. If his health is suffering, he looks for an easy “cure” instead of seeking to remove the underlying cause of his disorder. Often, these inclinations only intensify their problems in the long run. These mistakes are crushing us.

Having come a very great distance in fixing my own issues and working on bio-medicine, I’ve got some interesting perspective in the several areas that really make an impact on our health and well-being.

We’ll be diving into smart nutrition, health tips and tricks, fitness and lifestyle factors that I’ve got a lot of experience with.